November 30, 2015

Director of Equalization

Allison Jensen, CAA

Our Purpose:
To locate, identify and appraise all taxable property, in accordance with the state laws and administrative procedures, while maintaining current information on the ownership and characteristics of property; and to prepare and certify the assessment roll and individual property assessments in accordance with state law.

Karen Whitney
Office Manager
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Allison Jensen
Karen Whitney
Shannon Faith
Julie Janson

Shannon Faith
Appraiser I
The Director of Equalization and her appraisal staff must be certified by the State of South Dakota Department of Revenue and Regulation in order to assess real property for taxation purposes.  After initial certification appraisers must be re-certified every five years.  Requirements for re-certification include; attending and passing the annual Department of Revenue and Regulation sponsored school; attending workshops and the South Dakota Association of Assessing Officers Conferences.

Julie Janson
Appraiser II

Property Tax Forms
Property Tax Division
Owner Occupied Form
Agricultural Status Form
Understanding Your Assessment
Veteran Exemption Application
Objection Form
For Property Owners Who Want To Know

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*Also available in pamphlet form at DOE office